Own only what matters.  I'm making an effort to consume less and live a more connected life. I seek each day to be filled with love and art.


As a creative, it was easy for me to generate ideas and learn through play.  Once I decided to teach and share my work, I thought I better get some classic technique and training.  Enter Fang Jun.


My Story.

Artist. Designer. StoryLover. My aesthetic brings unexpected, emotive elements to classic pieces for spirited flare. Each of my pieces combines recycled high-end leathers from company castoffs with nostalgic pieces from my wardrobe, family, friends, and foreign travels.  


I started designing leather and textile work as a way to bring fabrics from my history out of a trunk and nearer to my heart daily.  When my dad passed, I wore his watch and loved how seeing it on my wrist connected me to his strong energy and zest. Swatches from my children's whimsical sundresses evoked sunny memories of hot beaches and breezy boat rides to go feed the ducks. Vintage clothing from flea-market weekends brought the energy of my hilarious sister, and our adventures in boot-stomping and car dance parties to my arm. Vibrant prints and beautifully embroidered pieces recall steamy Balinese rainforests, orchid filled bathtubs, and the graceful women draped in colorful dresses. My stories. Wearing the energy of loved ones and treasured moments gives me gratitude and joy.  Connectedness through fashion.


I believe my cuffs harness good energy from my life to radiate happiness, warmth, and fun.  

Mr. Fang Jun worked as a set artist for Chinese movies for a number of years. We are discussing where to go next with our collaboration.  Stay tuned for a possible joint exhibition and guest lecturing in each other's classes.


I'm happiest with music on and my hands dirty.  Everything I do is by hand--whether sewing, burnishing, hammering, or cutting--the artistry is in the personal craftmanship.  Slowing down and paying attention to detail gives me pleasure and peace in a busy in city! 

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Thankful to be a student again!  I had to be disciplined, focus, and show grit under Fang Jun's strict guidance.  I needed that!  My craftsmanship and techniques grew so much because he would not let me settle for less than my best and his compliments were rare.  I had to believe in myself and stick to it even when it was hard.  Just what we ask our students to do.
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