Social Media is powerful for all of us these days.  How can we mobilize it as artists to reach new audience with the messages we care passionately for and are committed to acting toward.  It begins with awareness.  The seventh and eighth grade works below were exhibited at school and then then posted to the social media sites of the kids' choices.  Many started blogs, some used Instagram, and other SnapChat.

If only

If only the generation that proceeded me could have kept our waters clean.

Invisible Outside

Who does not have access to education in Ghana? How can we help?


Children are powerless so let's give them a voice.

Timeout for Plastics

Take a moment and reconsider your plastic use today.

The Water Privilege

Doesn't everyone deserve the right to clean drinking water? It's shouldn't be a privilege.

Brain Power

We all learn differently and we can celebrate this.

Gibberish for Girls

Let's do something to today to help a girl in Ghana learn to read.

No Easy Solution

We feel empathetic but powerless. What's the traffic light solution?

Time for Kind

How can we make time in our day to connect with the very young and very old?


In our upcoming unit, students will take time to know someone from the daily life better. She's not, just the lady who cuts pineapples for your breakfast each day.  What's her story and why should she share it with you?  How can art help us know someone better and build respect and understanding?

Artists, who do you want to know better?  How can your art help others know them too and show gratitude for the role they play in your life? What values do you share?