I think I'm turning SAS.
Roller Fairies
Swing Charlie Girl
If Only There Were Color
American Girls
Red Lanterns
Brothers and Ice Cream
Rainbows without Smiles
Little Red in All of Us
Oh Minnesota

I've had a love affair with Photoshop for over 15 years.  Sometimes it's a part of my planning process and often my hand drawn works pops into photoshop and back out again.  There's not a day that goes by when I don't use it in some way.  I LOVE teaching to kids because every time their MINDS ARE BLOWN and they get so excited by the endless options.


Grade 7s had a great time capturing their teacher's famous gestures.  First by hand in ink illustration.  Then in Photoshop as their very first assignment.

First attempt at making my sketches into a GIF.  I've got some learning to do!


We were honored when the Head of School asked us to design the logo and commemorative cloth to celebrate Lincoln's 50th birthday.  The community voted and the winner was printed on cloth for all to wear.  The other designs found their ways onto t-shirt, mugs, water bottles, swim caps and signage.

Textile Sample4




IMG_1542 2


Ghana's amazing adinkra symbols!  I can't believe I taught them when I was in Shanghai and now I get to live them and enjoy them even more.