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I'm an optimistic and joyful person because I recognize how each day is an opportunity to connect, care, and make brave art with the kids I love.
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An hour in our art room might look, feel and sound like this.

Mark and I have taught overseas for the past 17 years. We learned early in our career that we thrive outside our comfort zone. Malaysia was our first post, where the Head of School was willing to overlook our lack of experience, because he liked our enthusiasm, flexibility, and strong Midwestern work ethic.  Kuala Lumpur wasn’t a place we had ever dreamed of, but we signed away, ready for our first foreign adventure to begin. Mont’Kiara was a delightful little gem, tucked into the rainforest and a place where the community gathered to find new ways to protect sea turtles, designed food fairs to celebrate delicious diversity, and snuck away weekends for scuba camps.

The amazing reputation of Shanghai American School is what led us to China.  It was here that we started a family, got our advanced degrees, changed jobs, and realized that we were never going "home."  Becoming an art teacher allowed live my passion.  Developing my personal work fosters my teaching and teaching my students fuels my heart.  It's the seamless integration of personal and professional work that gives me gratitude for each day.  
Learning to speak Chinese, getting involved with the local community, collaborating with my students, creating alongside my daughters, and experiencing the incredible support of SAS, I feel proud to model the adaptable attributes of a globally-minded citizen. 

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Art is Messy!

We ask the questions you can't Google, and we explore answers with our hands!





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Art + Science = Diatoms and Recycling, a wise first grader taught a wise eighth grader.

Why grow up when

you can teach art?  

When we take art beyond our gates, we connect to the world.

teaching overseas offers challenges and rewards that make life exciting and keeping my eyes and heart open.

and it's ALWAYS worth it!

Collaboration is USUALLY fun

You call it Play.

We call it inquiry based investigations

to foster our creativity.

There’s never a shortage of project or service learning opportunities in our backyard! Whether it’s designing bilingual menus and logos to make Chinese mom-n-pop shops accessible to all; uncovering the story of the fish market guy to be told through a photo exhibit; or learning traditional handicrafts from the local elders, I have loved being a part of Shanghai's rich history, fast-paced changes, and eccentric quirks for the past thirteen years. 

And future innovators for humanity. 

My artists are real life designers who balance exploring questions with quiet right brain flow time.  They are curious risk takers who dive in deep and recognize how art just makes life better.  Our art world is beautiful, peaceful, exciting, fun place where everyone has a colorful place on our team.

Art is for everyone.  

Art is for everyone.  

Art brings us together.

Making art feels good.

Art unites us with our 
younger friends.  We call them
imagination experts.
Not one speck wasted.
Each bottle became
a something with the help 
of our second grade
imagination experts.

Art builds new respect and relationships.