Wear Your Story.


I will help you and your friends to create your own custom cuffs.  I'll bring all the specilized tools and materials you'll need. Share an afternoon or evening of fun in your home while working with your hands. Your group will laugh, play, create, bond and finish with an EcoChic cuff. A snapshot of gratitude for the special people and moments in your life.


You are welcome to use Ann's textiles or bring small swatches from your own life. Ann can help you incorporate treasured textiles into your work.  


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Good Vibes Cuff

You and your friends can each bring a favorite swatch of fabric and combine them to create a shared Energy Circle Cuff. Like a grown up friendship bracelet, each time you see this piece on your wrist, you'll be reminded of your tribe.

Farewell For Now Cuff

Having lived in Wisconsin, California, Malaysia, and China, I've said goodbye too many times.  It's never easy, but overseas we say that farewell is never goodbye forever and our paths will cross again. Create a farewell cuff as a promise that your friendship will survive the distance.

Shanghai Forever Cuff

Shanghai has been my home for twelve years.  I love her grime as much as her glamour.  If you call Shanghai home, you might feel the same.  Chinese textiles are as rich and colorful as its culture and people. Combine new and old pieces to celebrate what Shanghai means to you.

Couple's Cuff

If you loved a mixed tape back in the day but never could commit to that matching tattoo, maybe a couple's cuff is more your style.   Celebrate a new couple's union with something us unique as they are. 

Just for Fun Cuff

It just feels good to create.  If you're a group that just wants to play with leather and share a creative artmaking experience, this is for you.  Surprise yourself and be prepared to say, "I made it!" with pride when someone compliments your unique statement cuff.

Warrior Women Cuff

In lieu of gifts for my second baby, my girlfriends hosted a "Beading Ceremony." Each friend's bead was presented to me with their heartfelt message or wish to give me strength and wisdom for my upcoming birthing and mothering experience.  This necklace inspired Warrior Circles.  Women are warriors and find even greater strength and joy in circles.  A Warrior Circle of finally cast off maternity clothes or treasured baby items will bond your clan with stories only women can tell.

Ann Make it!


If you want a custom cuff made, contact Ann.  She has some ready-to-wear pieces and can also make a cuff or set of cuffs to order.

2 to 3 People

450RMB per person/$75

4 to 6 People/$65

400RMB per person

Host's Cuff is complimentary

Your place or mine.