Workshop Details

"It just feels good to make stuff with people!" a wise woman, Ginger, once said.


No prior artistic talent or experience needed! I enjoy teaching and will show you and your friends how to create your own custom cuffs. I'll bring all the specilized tools and materials you'll need. We won't make a mess and the only space required is a dining room or coffee table. Anybody about age 12 or above can do it.


You can expect it to take between two and four hours (depending on the group and size). 


You are welcome to use Ann's textiles or bring small swatches from your own life.  Ann can help you incorporate treasured textiles into your work.  

2 to 3 People

450RMB per person/$75

4 to 6 People/$65

400RMB per person

Host's Cuff is complimentary

Share an afternoon or evening of fun in your home while working with your hands. Your group will laugh, play, create, bond and finish with an EcoChic cuff to wear as snapshot of gratitude for oneanother.

Email Ann to set up a day and time.